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Hair and makeup artistsServing the Denver, Boulder and High Rockies areas of Colorado!

Thank you for your interest in the services we provide! My name is Christy Kaliana and I am the owner of the national team of hair stylists and makeup artists known as Divine Beauty Artists.  I have spent many years developing a team of stylists and cultivating a stellar reputation in the beauty industry.  I have dedicated hundreds of hours interviewing, training, and conducting face-to-face interviews with my artists.  My hair stylists and makeup artists, located in the Denver CO area and serving Boulder, Breckenridge, Vail, and all of Colorado,  know that in order to be a part of our team they must uphold the highest standards. They must be well-rounded, have excellent hair and makeup skills, have a great personality and stellar hair and makeup kits.  Patience, attention to detail and great listening skills are also key, as good hair stylists and makeup artists know that we all have different visions and ideas of what looks good, so this is a co-creative process to bring your vision to life.  All of my wedding hair and makeup artists are very proficient in all styles of hair and makeup, from the latest trends to classic hair and makeup styles.

There is so much information available on the internet these days; many of our clientele have a basic understanding of different hair and makeup styles and come to us with a vision in mind.  Our Denver based hair stylists and makeup artists will combine their own professional expertise and knowledge with the desires of the client to achieve the most perfect look.

Lastly, our artists are truly product junkies so their kits are filled with a wide array of the latest and greatest high performance products to achieve long lasting gorgeous hair and makeup. We can also incorporate your favorite hair and makeup products straight from your own beauty bag, if requested!

We believe the process of hair and makeup should be fun, exciting and creative and we love seeing our clients be transformed before us.

Ready to book a Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist in Colorado?We look forward to working with you!