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Bridal hair stylists in Denver CO, AZ and Florida

The time has come, the date has been set. You picked a venue and tried on numerous dresses.

Your next big decision is your wedding hairstyle! With the overly abundant options and inspiration pics available via social media today, the decision of what wedding hairstyle to choose can be overwhelming. Our team of professional wedding hairstylists in Arizona, South Florida and Denver Colorado, can help you with this decision. We all have different visions of what looks good and it is important to have realistic expectations with what styles will work with your specific hair. Our wedding hairstylists will use their knowledge and expertise to bring your vision to life. Communication and patience between artist and bride are key to this co-creation process. All of our wedding hair stylists are knowledgeable about the latest trends and can help you find the hairstyle that is perfect for you.

A few things to considerwhen choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle for your BIG DAY!

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  • What is the length and density of your hair?
  • Does your hair hold curl or tend to fall flat?
  • Are you wanting face framing pieces or do you like it all pulled back off of your face?
  • Do you like more volume or less volume?
  • Are you considering a down style, 1/2 up style or full updo?
  • Are you considering adding extensions for length or density to your style? Please be aware that in most cases clip in extensions will be necessary to achieve Hollywood glam waves
  • Are you wearing a veil or some other type of embellishment with your wedding hairstyle?

Considerhow will the front and the back of the style will look?

It is very helpful for our wedding hairstylists to be able to see a photo of you along with as many pictures as it takes to convey the vision that you have. You can send one pic that shows the front of how you want your wedding hairstyle to look and another that shows the back. Please be a descriptive as possible when informing us of your desired wedding hairstyle.

Many of our wedding hairstylists also do cut, color and other forms of hair extensions such as tape-ins and sew ins, so if you are in need of those services as well, please inquire further.

Our wedding hairstylists’ truest desire is to make sure that you are happy with your bridal look for the BIG DAY!  It is very important that you speak up at the trial to let them know of any adjustments or tweaks that you might want done to your wedding hairstyle.  Also, it may be determined at the trial or after you have worn your style from the trial for a few hours that your hair may need to be set and pinned first thing on wedding day to ensure that the style lasts all day. Please let us know how your waves/curls lasted after the trial so that we can lay out our schedule appropriately for wedding day!  Our artists are always more than happy to hear any feedback that will assist in making sure  your wedding day hair is DIVINE!

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