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Meet The Owners

Christy Ogden Kaliana

The story of how Christy and Kemper met is larger than a single webpage can contain, and for another time. However, suffice it to say that our lives instantly fit together like missing pieces of a perfect puzzle—we are best friends, co-creators of our dream life of wedded bliss on a nine-acre slice of off-grid paradise, and business partners. Of course with any successful partnership, no matter the kind, a process of merging, communicating, and synchronizing is required. Early on, Kemper had his own successful healing arts business, teaching yoga & meditation, providing bodywork, and writing books; while on the side, helping Christy with some basic admin duties for Divine Beauty. It eventually became clear that Christy needed his full-time help handling more than just the simple tasks just mentioned as Divine hit a rapid growth spurt; so, he officially became co-owner in 2022.

This professional merging has been reflective of our personal relationship and life together in every way—we sit next to each other all day answering emails, we tend to the homestead and DIY projects side by side, Kemper chauffeurs Christy to every job she’s on (though she is mostly off-location now), and due to the deep inner work we have done, we love and are grateful for every minute of it, not “driving each other crazy” as would most couples—most couples in general, but especially those who are also business partners. Kemper’s skillset and past experience, as with everything else with us, fit like a glove for what Christy needed for the next level of Divine Beauty Artists. In fact, he now knows more about hair and makeup than he ever imagined he would (though he’ll never be an actual stylist), and can take brides and artists from start to finish of the entire booking, trial, and day-of process!

The irony is, we ourselves are the furthest imaginable from much of the culture that exists primarily on the surface level of life, and that is all too often the “m.o.” of the beauty industry at large, as well as the overly fantasized fairy tale of romance, completely missing the mark of true beauty, and true love, which to call forth is the underlying intention of everything we do at Divine Beauty (hence the name). Many are often surprised—and intrigued—when they meet us in person and discover the principles we live by and the authenticity of our union. While this presents a challenging contrast at times, we believe it’s right where we’re supposed to be, and is a part of our calling in assisting others beyond the apparent transaction for hair & makeup, though we never force this upon anyone. We find ourselves with an incredibly stable, intimate, and desirable marriage (really what everyone wants), and have occasionally offered impromptu, casual “relationship advice” for brides and grooms we are working with who are about to walk down the aisle and embark on the most rewarding journey of any lifetime.

In the words of Kemper: I am astoundingly proud of my wife in every way, but to specifically speak on this endeavor, she very intuitively founded and built, piece by piece, a thriving and still-growing business that she handles with the utmost presence and care, and which provides steady work for stellar artists and top-shelf service for clients on one of the biggest days of their life! I am also profoundly appreciative for her trust in my abilities and input, and for her willingness to share the load with me so that we can mutually benefit and continue what she started together.

Christy and Kemper Kaliana
Christy Kaliana - Hair and makeup artist

And now, a brief background of Christy’s individual journey in the beauty industry…

Christy has studied with some of the top hair and makeup artists in the world, and first received her cosmetology license in South Florida. She has over 20 years of experience working with numerous makeup and skincare lines, helping other artists put their own makeup lines together, working with hundreds of celebrities, politicians and professional athletes, traveling as a national Cover Girl makeup artist, speaking nationally at various Paul Mitchell schools on portfolio building, and working on numerous commercial and TV productions (including many productions for MTV, VH1 and HTV), photoshoots, fashion shows, and countless weddings and corporate events.

Upon realizing that she needed to make her dream of living in the mountains a reality, Christy realized that she would soon be leaving South Florida, which was a tough decision for her because the business was thriving. So it dawned on her that she could hand pick some of the best artists in South Florida to be on her team and continue to build and expand the business in a new direction. From that point forward, every state that she lived in after FL, she hand-picked incredible artists to continue growing the Divine Beauty Artists team!

Christy is very particular about the artists that she chooses to be on her team, saying, “They must be well rounded, not only with incredible hair and makeup skills, but with calming personalities, a caring nature, above-and-beyond professionalism and customer service, and consistently great communication skills.”

In the past 20 years Christy has lived between South Florida, Sedona AZ, and various Colorado mountain towns, deciding which would be her forever home, and in the meantime has established strong, long-term, professional relationships with most of the top planners and artists in these areas.  Divine Beauty Artists has an impeccable reputation across the country and Christy’s attention to detail and care for her clients’ preferences has kept her ranking among some of the top wedding vendors in the country.

Divine Beauty Artists

Consisting of 300 artists nationwide and constantly growing, Divine Beauty Artists has won multiple awards, receives nothing but five-star reviews, and is regularly ranked in The Knot’s “Best of Vendors,” including the “Hall of Fame” recognition for top wedding vendors. Besides such official accolades and achievements, our true accomplishments are the result of Christy’s commitment and dedication of investing and instilling into each artist the mindset of continual leveling up in every way. Divine Beauty Artists is built upon the understanding that evolution is a beautiful process that comes only from persistent creativity, focus, and flow, and with grace, immense reward.